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Available in September for pre-bookings in Wellington until (and including) September 23

Available back in Wellington from October 10

Outcalls only

Hotels, motels, and private residences in Wellington CBD + suburbs + Lower Hutt

New clients:

Known clients: Text/WhatsApp/Email

Available for up to 5 bookings per week

Same day bookings are not available

Site Updates / News

1 September

Shorter month for me, so I'll not bother to lay out my availability week by week.  I'll be available with the usual minimum 24 hours notice up until (and including) September 23rd. Just an FYI that September 10 and September 22 have been pre-booked. 


I'll then be heading up to the mighty Manawatu for a few weeks, and will be available back in Wellington from October 10 through until Christmas. I'll go back to the weekly "timetables" from October, as the end of the year is always a busier time. Where has the year gone?! 

Site updates: Finally, another testimonial! 

21st August

Last week was quieter with just two bookings, both of them new guys and both times I forgot to ask where they found me. Dammit! However, Google and Twitter seem to be the common responses when I remember to ask.


Thanks to a reasonably decent month I was, last week, able to go to the dentist to get the second and final bit of work done....coz if you know you know.  The sense of relief I've been feeling these past few days is so fuckin' palpable. Very much comparable to when I got that awful rose tattoo covered up with the owl, nearly two years ago. Talk about a wave of relief, no, a tsunami washing over me. Gee, I certainly seem to get myself into some capers, don't I? Makes for some good conversation though. 


Anyway, all this to say that I'm currently a disaster-free zone and I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm not used to this! No tattoo journeys (in this case the definition of journey = Gemma fucked up and is now spending shitloads of money to un-fuck the fuck-up), no dental journeys at all! 


Surely there's only one possible course of action now fullas -  a thick, black tribal tramp stamp circa 2002 MUST be in my immediate future.  Jokes, bro........(and sorry for calling you Shirley)

Anyway, I've updated the availability box above - will be around until 23rd September before going away for two weeks. Hope to catch up with you soon!

13th August

Thanks for the insane week, guys - much appreciated indeed. I'm gonna take tomorrow off, but as you can see there's plenty of room available so far over the rest of this coming week, bar Wednesday, and heaps of dates left later in August



Looking ahead to September, I'll continue to be available in Wellington right through till Sunday 24th. I'll then be in Palmy until Monday 9th October, then available again in Wellington until Christmas. 

September 25th will mark ten years since I entered the sex industry, although I sort of dipped in and out over the first few years before coming back independently as Gemma Rose in 2017. I've managed to unearth some pics from those early days (earlier than the ones on my FAQ page) so I'll be sure to post them here and on Twitter to mark the 10 year anniversary!

The availability table for August has been moved to the top of this page, and I'll continue to update it to account for pre-bookings as well as days off that I give myself if I've had a busy week. These days most people tend to get in touch the day before, or a couple of days before, rather than weeks before. Either is fine, I'm just not available for same day or "now" bookings.  If I had an incall, maybe...but as it is now, I'm still outcall only.  I'd like to give incalls a final hoon before I hang up the hooker heels (or in my case my hooker Adidas Superstars with IRRIDESCENT STRIPES can I get a FUCK YEAH?) but we'll just have to see what happens...never say never!

8th August

Slight change of hours - starting at 1pm now instead of 11am. I'm still only taking one booking a day (or 5 per week) so still a generous amount of availability for you guys, whilst also giving me ample time to put work into a project (unrelated to SW) I started a few months ago which is finally starting to bear fruit. 

26th July

Hey hi hello, yes I'm back! 

This week has been and will continue to be busy - as is always the case when I arrive back from a long break. Had a booking yesterday, got another one tonight, then Saturday and Sunday are both booked....I'll take the day off tomorrow methinks, so that just leaves Friday should you wish to make a booking. 

Next week is so far looking a lot calmer with a long appointment on Thursday 3rd and then that's it - every other day of that week is free, including the weekend, so get on it, fullas. Riiiight up on it. Or, rather, right up IN it, since I do prefer going on top - far be it from me to deny the chance to ride you into oblivion! To kingdom come! Into next week! To the....the motherfuckin' moon and back? (Too far?).  But...not up the wazzoo: alas, I'm not a backdoor gal.   


Bit crude of me to be writing this way at only's not even dark yet! I need a string of pearls to clutch...just not with my right hand because I'd probably drop 'em.

You'll be pleased to know I'll be here all of next month, and well into September. So, particularly in August, do feel free to reach out and know that I'll actually be here! And, if you make a booking, you'll actually get to see my head too, which would surely come as a bonus. Decapitated Gemma is, as always, available in the gallery. Which has been updated at long last. Or, it will be, once I finish this post, then have dinner, go door knockin' for D and log in again when I get home. I've run outta time!

See you soon!

Gemma xoxoxo

19th July

I'll be available again in Wellington for outcalls from Tuesday July 25th onwards!


July 30th has been booked since practically the dawn of time (I've told myself a million times not to exaggerate, it was only a month ago!) but the evening on that date is free, and so far that's it for July - so plenty of availability should you wish to book. I'll be available for bookings all through August as well as most it not all of September. 

My break away has been quite up and down - cycling for hours all over the place, loving every second of it (and, whoever invented mudguards - bless you) Then...a bit of a family emergency towards the end which is why I decided to stay on for an extra week. Everything's okay now.

Once I'm back in Wellington on the 24th I'll update the site, adding in those new pictures as well as tinkering with my services + rates page as I mentioned in a previous update. I'll also log into my email and turn on the ol' hooker phone on the 24th.


For now, though, I'm just going to chill. Catch you soon!

Gemma x


16th July


Unfortunately due to a situation out of my control I'll be unable to return to Wellington tomorrow as intended. I will update this when I have a return date and am able to take pre bookings. Until then, sit tight! Cheers


2nd July

A few appointments prebooked towards the end of the month, but nothing this coming week or I've decided to go on holiday now instead of mid July as originally planned.  


A few days ago I took a bunch of new pictures as I was about due - I'll be logging into the site some time before I come back to Wellington and will update the gallery then. No new tattoos (and no plans for any) apart from the thigh one I got in February, although most of you have already seen it in person. More recently I got my teeth fixed the week before last, thank God, plus I've gone down a size in pants.  Oh yeah (just a subtle change) a few days ago I decided to cut my long, straggly (thanks, lupus) hair. I found the DIY haircut process fuckin' effortless: gotta a bowl outta the cupboard, cut around the base with the kitchen scissors, and voila! Toooo eeeeeeaaaasy maaaaaate. (Have a meal mate, mate. MAAAAAATE)


I've been living my best pudding bowl life ever since, and I just know that I'll have no problem hitting my 5 bookings a week limit with such a happenin' cut! Shit yeah. 


Nah, jokez bro, I haven't cut my hair...I probably should, but...I just cannae do it yet.


See you soon!

No pudding bowls, no bullshit,

Gemma xoxoxo

14th June

Hello hello...what's good? Long time no chat...but there's no news! 

I've just been doing my thang...and for the past few weeks escorting has been my only thang, which makes a change. Realistically in this climate it makes sense to have more than one income stream, which I've had off and on since 2021, and I will be looking at finding something else within the next month or two. I'm wanting to spend some time up north with my family next we'll see what happens after that. Either way, I won't be going anywhere, it just may mean my available hours change.  


For now, I'm still available from morning till night, although the trend at the moment seems to be evening bookings, which leaves me time during the morning/afternoon to either get muddy on the mtb trails, wander around aimlessly catching Pokemon (and trying to not look like too much of a dork), or to snuggle up in bed scrolling Reddit! 

I'll continue to be available for the rest of this month - although I have a dental appointment on the 21st so let's play it safe by blocking off that day. As for my time off in July, I'm not sure of the dates as yet - I'm thinking of heading outta Wellington mid July or towards the end. I'll be sure to keep you in the know via the wee banner that's fixed to the top of every page. Damn handy, that banner. 

Well that's all folks - a boring update indeed but considering this is the only place I'm active, it makes sense to check in every once in a while eh?

Take care, keep warm, and I look forward to catching up with you soon!

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