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Weekly Schedule
(Excluding Pre-Bookings)

Mon 27 Feb...Off

Tue 28 Feb...11am - 3pm, 8.30pm - 10pm

Wed 1 March...11am - 10pm

Thurs 2 March...11am - 10pm

Fri 3 March...11am - 10pm

Sat 4 March...11am - 10pm

Sun 5 March...11am - 11pm

Site Updates / News



Thank you for the busiest January I’ve ever had! 


Frankly I’m baffled as to y’alls summertime randiness, as traditionally January -- at least for me -- is deader than a dodo's doo doo (and that's pretty dead). Really highlights the unpredictable nature of this work. No complaints though, just a matter of making hay while the sun shines…or in my case, getting laid while the sun shines! 


So in true Gemma Rose fashion, I naturally decided to disrupt the momentum by taking a break this week so I could complete my tattoo journey. Healing now! Now that I have a matching thigh piece I don’t need (or want) any further tattoos. No-one believes me when I’ve told them no more tattoos now, but I actually mean it. I had my sleeve project, then I got the demon deer on my thigh and so I then wanted a similarly sized piece on the other, which I’ve got now, so yeaaaaaaahhhh. Doneskies. You’ll see!


Bookings-wise, I have a session this Saturday night and another on Monday arvo but apart from that, the rest of next week is currently free so if you’re wanting to lock in a time+date please get in touch -  I’d be happy to take three more appointments. 


I’ll be here in Wellington all through February and into March. I’ll be taking a short break towards the end of March but I’m unsure of the exact date as yet - sometime after the 20th though, and I’d be back in Wellington by Easter. 


I’ll check in with you again next month. 


See ya soon,

Gemma xoxoxo



Hey hi hello 2023! 


After a relaxing Christmas and New Year's break out of town, I'm now back in Wellington! I've been back for just

under a week now - and I’m happy to say that the year has already gotten off to a great start! 


Site wise, nothing really to update at this early stage in the year…bar the layout of course, which I changed just before Christmas. I loved my big banner but after five years I thought I’d go for a cleaner, more streamlined look.  Of course, I’ve kept my gradients — because what would be without its throwback Web 2.0 elements?  


I added a whole bunch of pictures about a month ago, but I’ll be sure to take some more over the next few months. Still lookin’ the same…save for a random 3kg of weight lost over the past wee while. Must be all the walking! Gotta catch ‘em aaaaallllll…Pokemon…..


Rates wise - a few people have recently asked me to confirm them. Yep yep - all the same as per the Services and Rates page. There will be no rate increases this year on any booking duration — and you can hold me to that! The only changes to my rates really is the fact that 90 mins + 2 hour durations now include shower fun and toys, rather than attracting an additional charge. 

I intend on updating my weekly schedule each Sunday right here at my website. This will remain the first port of call for all things Gemma in 2023! 


At the moment my starting times are flexible, and I'm happy to work later (finishing no later than 11pm) on Saturdays and Sundays. As always, a minimum of 12 hours notice is super appreciated :)


I realised a few days ago that this year will mark ten years in the adult industry. Wow! I remember that first booking at Paradise Club as if it were yesterday. Mind you I haven’t been escorting for ten years consecutively, I did take a few years off in 2015-2017, and a few months off here and there as Gemma (UK trips, lockdowns, life….). But still, it’s been a long time, and my how the landscape (hookerscape?) has changed! What I can tell you for sure is that apart from a few short holidays (next one is mid March) I intend on being available to you over the rest of this year. 


So on that note, I shall see you soon!

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