Edit: As some of you know, it's my birthday on December 3rd. Weather pending, I'll be off on a cheeky 10km in the arvo and then dinner with family. Gifts are never expected, but if you feel so inclined, an iTunes gift card emailed to gemmarosenz@gmail.com would be beyond amazing!



Hey everyone, hope you've been well.

Due to a change of plans, I have had to cancel my upcoming trip to Auckland. I was planning on being up there from 8 - 11 December, doing the Coast to Coast walk as well as Rangitoto summit, and hopefully catching up with a few of y'all in between.  I was yet to announce the dates publicly so no harm no foul. It's a shame really as this would have been my last tour ever...but now I need to be in Wellington on the 9th.

Earliest start known to man tomorrow, and need a good sleep beforehand, so tonight is dinner, The Crown (already up to the last episode, waaaah!!) and then beddie byes.


See ya in a few days!


Site updates:




Deposits, Cancellations and Travel Fees page. (Travel Fees section) 

Services and Rates >> Optional Extras: Vibrating Couples Enhancer Ring + numerous new vibes have been added to the "Toys" option. This optional extra now includes the ring + up to 2 vibes of your choice. Vibrating remote controlled butt plug (!!!!) added to  "Anal Play On You" option. Price for prostate massages reduced. New pictures of currently available toys added. 


Hello hello!


I arrived back in Wellington on Saturday night after a couple of days away in Tauranga. Very grateful to have had a FMTY booking this year!


My date had other commitments during the day on the Friday, so I hopped on a bus and went to Mount Maunganui. And yes...I conquered Mauao...(the mount!)! Arrived at the top in time to turn on mobile data (so crippling for this prepay bitch) for the 2pm Covid announcement...to see if Covid would be cockblocking my foreseeable future. Great news that there hasn't been a level change, but we are getting lazy and we are getting complacent. I'm often the only person on the bus to wear a mask, and was surprised to be one of the few wearing one on the plane. Anyway...back to The Mount...went up Mauao as I already told you, as well as exploring Moturiki Island and Mount Drury reserve. 


Availability:  This week is going to be a bit busy...but I have some availability left this coming Saturday through Monday 23/11. From that Tuesday (24/11) I'll be unavailable for a few days.

As you can see on my ~beloved availability table~ I have taken a booking for 1/12 and 5/12, because I'll definitely be available for good times by early December, hopefully even by the very end of November. 

If I haven't said this lately - and I don't think I have - I'd like to tell you all how grateful I have been for your support, particularly this year. Sex work is a real "feast or famine" business - one week I'm rocking a couple of "Fully booked" statuses on my availability table and the next it's full of 11am - 11pm's. I'm not complaining - it's the nature of the beast - but just know that I don't take your support for granted, never have, never will.




























I've taken my ads down for the week...will republish them next week or as needed. Just remember you can contact me at any time, regardless of whether I have advertisements up or not. As a low volume provider (max 2 sessions per day) I don't advertise a heck of a lot -  my website is and always will be the first port of call.

Just a quick heads up that from tomorrow (Thursday) through to Saturday I'll be on a Fly Me To You, arriving back in Wellington on Saturday. I won't be bringing my computer with me, which means I won't be able to update the availability box on the front page until I get back.  I'll be available via text/email though, and will reply when I can.  Sunday 15/11 is booked, so I'm happy to take bookings for 16/11 onwards, through to 23/11. 24/11 through to at least 26/11 I'm unavailable due to a non-SW related appointment, and I'm going to have to take a few days off to heal. It does seem unusually busy for me at the moment so I don't want to be taking too much time off, but this is something I've been waiting 8 years to get done.  With any luck I should be back in late November, and into the first few days of December. December 3 I am taking off...it's my birthday :)

I got some new toys a few days ago, all USB rechargeable as I'm sick of fluffing around with batteries.  I'm trying to deplete them of their charge before I leave tomorrow, so I currently have two toys spinning around the room with reckless abandon! Off screen is also a vibrating butt plug...that damn thing just won't quit!  Check out the lil clip below...gave me a chuckle. (I'm just a simple girl after all). Move over Tchaikovsky...coz I'm comin' atcha with Dance of the Rechargeable Vibes. Now that's a real Nutcracker. 


Anyhoo...rechargeable toys are great, but I'd prefer them not to go off on the plane, y'know what I'm sayin'?   


PS - The pink bullet on the left has a remote control,  and the wee purply one attaches to a cock ring...good vibrations for all! 


Have a great weekend ahead...see you soon!











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