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And here we are - the final update for the year! And what a year it's been - in terms of hooking, I dub 2023 the Year of the Dinner Date! I've been doing heaps of them over the past few months, and I wanna do even more in 2024! Wine me, dine me, doooo meeee!

I'd like to say thank you to the regulars who stuck with me this year, and thank you to all of the new clients I've had the pleasure of meeting, some of whom are now regulars also. I'm very lucky.

On the subject of generosity and luck, another huge thank you to those of you who sent me birthday wishes for the 3rd. Thanks to you guys I'm well sorted in Countdown vouchers, and I've got enough Vodafone/OneNZ recharge vouchers to last into June of next year.

When it comes to all things Gemma Rose, 2022 was a real shocker to the point where I was considering hanging up the hooking boots for good. I deliberated for weeks on end, and then suddenly mid November 2022 rolled around, which meant time to renew the annual hosting for my website (expensive!), time to commit to another year. I renewed it, crossing my fingers that 2023 would be a better year.

And it was. It really, really was. Phew! I know all too well how hard it is out there at the moment, so I'm extra appreciative of those who decided to spend time with me this year.

Anyway, this November just gone I went ahead and renewed my site for another year - so I'm officially gonna be back for 2024, baby!

As for the new year ahead - it'll be much the same, although I'll be available a little earlier next year - from 10am.

I do review my services and rates annually and have decided to leave everything as is. The 2023 special rate for 90 min bookings will carry over through till at least November 2024. Shower Fun remains complimentary in any session 2 hours or longer, however from 2024 it will incur an extra $20 in 90 min bookings or under. I've also gotten rid of 30 min sessions, overnighters, and FMTY.

I'll now be offering a doubles service with my good friend, the international porn star Candy Luxe. We've worked together various times over the years, and after a double we had a few weeks ago, decided to make it official! You can find out more information on the Services and Rates page.

Well, that's about it from me - I'll blog again in January sometime.

Once again, thank you very, very much for your support this year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and all the very best for the year ahead!


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