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New dinner date options

I could have edited my post from a few days ago but nah. Because this one is about dinner dates!

While admin tasks are well known

And on the site they're shown

Dinner date news deserves to stand alone

With a post on its very own throne

Fuck yeah...Frost, Hughes (such a prick!), Dickinson et al...y'all can kindly stand down...cuz this reasonably priced hooker is out to take your poetic crown!

Oh God, I've entered the rhyme zone....shiiiit....I'm rocking back and forth, (whilst vaping, obvi) and chanting "this too shall pass...this too shall pass". A cup of tea and a lie down for me soon that's for sure.

Realistically this update isn't thaaaaat big of a's just that earlier today someone contacted me wanting a 4 hour dinner date booking (2 hours dinner, 2 hours GFE). This wasn't a listed option, but I was more than happy to accommodate his request, and at the same time I came up with a few other durations and pricing options. And here we are - the Dinner Date section of the Services and Rates page has been updated!

If you're interested in a dinner date, or you're a current dinner date customer wanting to explore new durations, be sure to check out my Services and Rates page.

Now I really am going to scoot off now - I'll be sure to post again within the next calendar month as I'll be away for a few weeks in April (probably mid through to the end of April, TBC though).

Forever bringing the funky rhymes,

Or at least trying to,

Gemma xxoxxx


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