Monday 28 Nov...6pm - 10.30pm

Tuesday 29 Nov...11am - 10.30pm

Wednesday 30 Nov...2pm - 10.30pm

Thursday 1 Dec...11am - 10.30pm

Friday 2 Dec...11am - 10.30pm

Saturday 3 Dec...Off (My birthday!)

Sunday 4 Dec...11am - 11pm

- Limited to 5 bookings per week - 

A minimum of 12 hours notice is required

Prebookings accepted from now thru Dec 31 


13 November 2022

Bit of a boring update ahead....I think my previous entry about nipples was more interesting! 


As my other job has come to an end, I'm now working full time as a SW at least throughout November and December. I'll start looking for something else early next year, but in the meantime I'm all yours! You can see my hours + available days in the availability box at the top of this page. Happy to see up to 5 clients per week - just like the good old days! 

Gallery: Several pictures added

Testimonials: 1 added

FAQ: A couple of new questions added, numerous answers updated. Sorry I can't be more specific, the FAQ

is a fuckin' behemoth!

This week I have two remaining spots - any time Saturday + Sunday. Next week (21st - 27th) is currently completely


Well that's all from me today. Have a good one - and I look forward to catching up with you before the

end of the year!

12 November 2022

A proper update will be coming soon (I have sussed out my availability for the rest of the year though, see above!) 

In the meantime...NIPPLES!

IMG_9623 2.HEIC

13 October 2022


45 min rate introduced. 60 min couples rate introduced. Toys on me + that  couples toy (you know the one) available in all bookings at no extra charge. Shower Fun optional extra is now complimentary in bookings 90 mins or over. I'm now available full time on Fridays as well as weekends.

Monday to Thursday remain evening only due to day job. 

Additional pics coming soon to reflect new thigh tattoo + fully finished arm sleeve


Birthday month is in December and conveniently I have just run out of my last bottle of gin! Hehehe...for real I had like 4 massive bottles in the cat food cupboard, given to me by clients over the years. My favourite brands are Gordons as well as Bombay Sapphire. Nothing beats a gin and tonic, although a Dubonnet and gin comes pretty darn close! Favourite tipple of her late Majesty y'know. 


I'd also like to apologise to anyone who has emailed me over the past few months and not received a reply. I haven't been checking my spam folder as regularly as I used to, and I checked before and among

the actual spam were a few booking requests. These are months old now so I won't reply, but I do apologise. I'll be sure to check my spam more regularly from now on. Most messages arrive in my inbox as they should, however obviously not all...


I'll log in and add my November availability once I know it.  Otherwise I look forward to seeing you sometime this month, alternatively you can pre book for December if you have a firm date in mind. 


And finally, thank you to everyone who has chosen to spend time with me since I returned in May. I'll never stop appreciating you. I hope to see you again before the year is out!