11 May 2022

Well hello there! 

Long time no see, eh? 


What was meant to be a summer break turned into several months of being MIA on the hooking front -- I was going to come back in February but the Omicron wave put me off so I ended up focusing on other passions. 


Life + new opportunities have been keeping me busy for sure, and will continue to do so, but... I'm still not ready to hang up the hooker boots just yet! 


I turned off my vacation response on my email a few weeks back, and last week I saw my first client in months - a long time fulla who I hadn't seen since pre Covid times. I loved being back in the saddle I decided right then and there that it was time to make it official: this part time pussy peddler is back for 2022! 

Site updates:


Services + Rates
FAQ (including information about my Covid-19 vaccination record + booster)

Home page

Upcoming availability for outcalls to hotels/motels/private residences in Wellington CBD + suburbs & Lower Hutt

May 13th through to May 25th
June 7th through to June 28th


After that I'll be available again from mid July (unsure of the specific date just now) through to December. 

2021 was my (borrowing from the Queen) annus horribilis, but so far 2022 has been the complete opposite.  It's fair to say a lot has changed for me this year, but this time around it's all been positive.


Life is good right now, so it feels like the right time for Gemma Rose to return. 


I look forward to sharing all my news (among other things, of course...) when we meet. 


I can't wait to reconnect with you!

I'm also currently accepting new clients  - if you've had me on your radar for a while, 2022 is definitely the time to make that booking....


See you soon,