Q. Do you offer natural services? Eg no condom?

A: I cannae do that, captain. As per NZ law I do not provide unprotected sexual services. 

Q. Do you have a phone number?

A. I sure do, my man. However, I changed my number and made it private in July 2018 and decided to go email only when it comes to initial contact for first time clients. My phone number isn't some huge secret, but I'd rather not have it displayed online. I took a chance being email only for initial contact and it hasn't proved detrimental to my business...thank goodness!


If I've seen you before, texting/calling is totally fine :) If I don't answer just keep trying LOL. 

Q. I have been trying to reach you via text...I've seen you before, what's the problem?

A. Please email me and let me know your details - it's likely I no longer have the phone number you're texting. Also, in 2018 I got a new phone and mucked something up in iCloud - not sure what I did exactly but it meant I lost all the numbers I'd saved as contacts.  So it's nothing personal I assure you! Just flick me an email and I'll let you know my current number. 

Q. Do you receive anal, rimming etc?

A. That's gotta be an unequivocal no from me, my dude. 

Q. How long have you been Gemma Rose for?

A. I started on May 1st, 2017 and worked through to September 2018. I then took a break from October 2018 - June 2019 as I went to the UK, came back, went to the UK again, blah blah blah.  All whilst trying to combat lupus flareups and thyroid problems. I returned to NZ permanently in June 2019.

Q. How long have you been hooking for?

A. I started in 2013 at the Paradise Club agency in Wellington. 9 months later I moved onto a high volume brothel called The K (now defunct). Took a break for a few years, then in May 2017 started independent work as Gemma. So to answer your question...off and on for the past six years.

Q. What do you wear to bookings?

A. A red vinyl mini skirt and a 90's ringer tee with "Happy Hooker" plastered on the front. No bra, obviously - and boy oh boy, that Wellington chill really makes the ol' nipples stand to attention! You can find me in this getup, sitting in your hotel lobby. Obviously I'll have portable speakers with me, blasting out "Roxanne" by The Police on repeat.  I jest, I jest.....I'm generally outcall only, and as discretion is important to me I wear smart casual business wear, typically this is a pair of dress pants/smart jeans, top, and a coat.  During the summer months my go-to outfit is a pair of tight jeans, nice top and a leather jacket. Smart lingerie is underneath all of this, of course. If you would prefer me to come in trackpants and puffer jacket (you can take the girl out of the Manawatu but you can't take the Manawatu out of the girl!) then all you have to do is ask!

Q. Do you offer costume / uniform requests, and roleplays? Eg schoolgirl outfit, nurse etc.

A. I don't take clothing requests - I'm happy to wear stockings and suspenders (can change into these at your hotel) but I intentionally don't offer uniforms or do role play as I've found the two services go hand in hand and it's not something I enjoy. In PSE bookings (when I worked for an agency) I always felt silly and unsexy dressing in things I didn't like or felt forced to wear. Each to their own...I'm just being honest. If/when I come across a good quality costume that would actually suit and flatter me I will absolutely start taking requests. 

Q. Do you give discounts?

A. I feel my rates are reasonable already, and discounts have already been applied to all sessions 90 mins and over. The longer the booking, the greater the discount. 

Q. Will you ever text me out of the blue?

A. Unsolicited contact isn't my jam, and discretion is paramount - so no, no texts, no emails, no bullshit.

Q. Would you enjoy a drink with me in a booking?

A. If you're having one, I would love to join you. As I have my transport sorted, there is no risk of drink driving etc. So....bottoms up!

Q. Incalls or outcalls? Or both?

A. Door knocking for D has always been my preference, as reflected in my rates. But, incalls are sometimes offered also, at a higher rate to cover room hire costs. 

Q. What happens if we see each other in the street?

A. I'd never approach you - discretion and privacy is assured.

Q. What do you do with condoms after a booking?

A. I will take the condom away, rinse it out, and hang it on the line to dry, ready to use again on the next lucky man.

Just messing with you - I put them in tissue and chuck them in your bin, or maybe you might prefer to do that for me. Some people have asked that I take the used condom/s with me as they don't want them in their house / hotel bin, and that's fine - I just take them with me and chuck in the nearest public bin.

Q. Any STI's?

A. Sex work is my sole source of income and I take strict measures not to jeopardise my career - protection is used at all times and this is non-negotiable. I get tested regularly at NZPC, as should all sex workers. I'm very strict on all things sexual health, and I hope you are too. 

Q. Do you like it rough?

A. Not really...UNLESS I'm on top, in which case I will assume the role of horny maniac extraordinaire, and ride you into oblivion! 

Q. Do you see clients with disabilities?

A. I have experience with clients who are differently abled, so the answer is yes! I have enjoyed the company of several clients over the years who have been differently abled - some physically, some intellectually. When approaching me for a session please let me know more information, so I can get an idea of what your body is capable of enjoying.

Q. Are you LBGTQ friendly?

A. Yes

Q. Will you boot me out as soon as I've blown my load?

A. Haha, that would just be rude! Besides, the majority of my bookings are outcalls, so if you want me gone after you've came, then you'll have to do the booting! The way I see it, you've paid for a certain amount of time and I intend on giving you the time you've paid for. If time (and other factors haha) allow for another round, then that's fine - or if you just want to have a cuddle or a cuppa then that's fine too! 

Q. Are multi shots allowed?

A. Yep

Q. Do you do party bookings?

A. No, I don't. I've never done any sort of recreational drug (apart from the odd joint once in a blue moon.) 

Q. Most embarrassing hooking experiences? 

A. Plenty! A few that spring to mind though, would be:

1) A lunch date at the Wellington library cafe, where the client was really loudly and enthusiastically boasting about the size of his daughters breasts. I shit you not. Being a busy lunchtime, the place was packed, and people absolutely heard him braying about his offsprings' boobies...people were staring...it was so awkward! I was cringing so hard that I collapsed into myself and turned into a black hole. 

2) Another lunch date (are they cursed?) at a tightly packed cafe/restaurant in Wellington, where the client loudly broadcasted my profession, and kept referring to it over the duration of the meal. People next to us heard for sure - we were packed in like sardines. The waiter (who kept coming over and fucking around with cutlery, water etc) also heard. My face was redder than the Soviet Union.

3) An outcall at a hotel...went directly to the hotel from my house with no stops. I had taken the payment and reached into my bag to get my condom pouch, whilst maintaining eye contact and chatting with the client. Trying to be classy and all that jazz. I reach for the condom pouch and felt something cold and slimy on my hand. Dammit, the lube had leaked, I thought. My hand still in the bag, I had a look and what did I see? A slimy brown slug! Wtf? I lived in a typical unhealthy Wellington rental at the time, but slugs were never a problem in the house....so how had one got into my hooker handbag? For slugs' sake! Whilst still chatting and maintaining eye contact with the client (and my hand still in the bag) I managed to wrap the slug in a supermarket docket, then when I took my shower I brought my bag into the bathroom with me, and dumped the slimy offender (and potential cockblocker, if the client had seen!) in the bin. A sluggin' sureal experience, without a doubt. 

4) My first dinner date. The client was telling me about his visit to Jim Morrison's grave in Paris and I was listening intently, so intently in fact that I hadn't noticed that the end of my ponytail was swimming in a pool of beef au jus....

Q. Do you see older clients?

A. The majority of clients I see are between 45-60. That said, all ages (18+!) are welcome. The youngest client I've seen was 18, the oldest was 72. As long as you're respectful and 18+, I'd love to see you.

Q. Have you ever done a couples booking?

A. YES! And I love doing them, as reflected in my couples rates structure

Q. Does the GFE start when a booking is confirmed?

A. The GFE starts when I knock on your door. Bookings shouldn't take more than a handful of emails to organise. 

Q. Can I pay you in drugs?

A. Lol  considering I don't even do drugs and never have (apart from weed occasionally)...the answer is no. The only form of payment I take is New Zealand dollars in cash / bank deposit. 

Q. What instances do I need to make a deposit?

A. New clients wanting to book 3 hours or more, or in fact any situation where I get timewaster/fantasy booker vibes. 

Q. Do you get bookings every single day of the week?

A. Not usually. There have been some weeks where I have had bookings every single day but those are rare. Some weeks I could have just one booking...other weeks I could have several. 

Q. Ever had a lady book you?

A. No. I have had a handful of inquiries and they've all turned out to be timewasters, or have ghosted me upon my saying

I'm available to see them. 

Q. What happens if you cancel?

A. If I do need to cancel you will be given as much notice as possible as well as a discount off your next booking and/or automatic VIP access

Q. Can you turn up to my outcall location in the middle of winter wearing a little black dress with nothing underneath?


Q. Can we meet at the bar for a drink first?

A. We can do if you really want to, but please be aware that my time starts the moment we meet. 

Q. Do you have any work experience outside of escorting?

A. Yes, I worked for several years straight after leaving school, largely in the insurance industry. Also in database admin and a technical support role for a controversial payroll system. You know the one ;)

Q. Do you give anal, rimming etc?

A. If you have a strap on, I'm happy to use it on you at no extra charge. I am also experienced in prostate massage and can do this for $50 extra - please let me know before the booking so I can bring gloves. I can also offer rimming for $50 extra - again, please let me know before the booking commences so I can bring a dental dam. I will not offer rimming or any type of anal play without a barrier. 

Q. Do you click with every client you see?

A. That would be great, in an ideal world, but...no. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. It's no one's fault - I know that with each and every client I give the same service as always, so nothing to worry about further. That's life! 

Q. The longest client you've had?

A. Long as in duration of time? I started as Gemma in May 2017 and there are several guys I've seen continuously since then. 

Q. I want to know the real you...you seem more interesting than Gemma.

A. Wtf? If you've spent more than five minutes at my website or met me in person then you already DO know the real me. Gemma IS me, albeit with a different name for privacy/security/stigma reasons. Do you think I'd go to such a great effort on my website just to curate a fake personality in the hopes of money? Never gonna be that desperate, matey.


What you see is what you get - and I've gone to great lengths to try to convey that on my website. 


 I could not sustain a fake personality. 

Q. Do you have an age preference with clients?

A. Not really. I have seen clients as young as 18 (yes, I did ask for ID!) and the oldest I've seen was 72. The majority of clients I see tend to be in the 40-65 age bracket. 

Q. Do you see virgins?

A. Yes, I have seen several virgins - if you are new to sex please let me know prior, so I don't make things awkward by making assumptions about your knowledge etc. 

Q. Have you ever done an international fly me to you?

A. I have done fly me to you's but as of yet they've all been in New Zealand. I am not currently available for international fly me to you bookings.

Q. Easiest way to make you orgasm?

A. Oral on me...all about that clit! Licking is the way to go. In other words, if you're a purveyor of pussy/connoiseur of c*nt, you'd do well to book a session with me. 

Q. How about fingering?

A.  If you're after an orgasm and genuine pleasure, I find that the tongue works best on me. Fingering can often be painful and lead to thrush or BV, which then means a loss of income as I can't work.

Q. Do you shower before a booking?

A. Absolutely, I will arrive at your outcall location freshly showered, and I have a quick freshen up once I've arrived too. 

Q. How do I pay you?

A. At the very start of the booking we'll "get the paperwork out of the way" and then get down to the GOOD TIMES!

Q. Do I have to pay you in cash? I hate cash!

A. I have a BNZ business account you are welcome to use if you'd prefer...you can either deposit the money via internet banking or you can make an anonymous deposit at a BNZ smart atm. The deposit needs to have cleared in my account prior to the commencement of the booking

Q. Do I have to email you to make another booking?

A. All first-time clients need to book through email, yeah, and I'll give you my phone number after that if you prefer texting.

Q. Why email only initially?

A. I went email only in 2018 and have never looked back. Being email only has cut down the amount of bullshit enquiries drastically. I also don't miss having my phone number plastered online, and I don't miss waking up to a slew of missed calls, and texts sent in the middle of the night ("U up?")

Q. Will you participate in a gang bang?

A. No.

Q. Can you send me some pics that aren't in your gallery?

A. Can you send me some money that isn't in my bank account?

Q. Can we go to McDonalds for our dinner date?

A. Fast food doesn't agree with me, if you get what I mean.

Q. Can we do the dinner date at my place? I'm a whiz in the kitchen!

A. Oh, are you? That makes one of us! Yes, I am fine to do the dinner date at your place. Doesn't have to be anything flash either.

Q. Do you accept costume requests (eg policewoman, nurse etc)

A. For me personally that would fall into the PSE category (porn star experience) which I do not currently offer. As for stockings, suspenders etc I do have those, which I would be happy to wear upon request. 

Q. Do you do car bookings?

A. No - never have and never will.

Q. For dinner dates, can we do the bedroom component first?

A. YES! Please, for the love of God, yes!!!!!! I would very much prefer this. 

Q. Are you 420 friendly?

A. Yes. I don't smoke weed normally, but it's not something I'd say no to.

Q. Most unusual places you've had a booking?

A. I've only done bookings in houses and hotels. However I've had some odd requests in my time, though - cars, behind a bush at a park, in a treehouse that wasn't even on the enquirers' property (!!!!!), in an office, in a vacated commercial building. 

Q. It's fun to play at the Y-M-C-A

A. I don't doubt it for a second my friend...however for my own comfort I do not provide outcalls to youth hostels / backpackers / dormitory style set-ups. Thanks for your understanding!

Q. Can I smoke during our sessions?

A. If it's an outcall at your house, then sure man, whatever. I'll not be offended. ​Hope you've got some mouthwash on hand!

Q. Can we meet up prior to a booking so I can get to know you?

A. Yes, absolutely. I offer a social rate which is $120 for 60 mins, which is paid in advance via internet banking. We can meet up at a coffee/ bar of your choice in Wellington city. 

Q. Can we drink alcohol together?

A. You know it my dude!


Vodka, whiskey, gin...the possibilities are endless! This hussy ain't fussy. 

Q. I want to book you for a Couples session as a surprise for my wife. That okay?

A. No.


It's absolutely imperative that your wife is aware of the proposed booking and consents to it. Likewise if you are a wife and wanting to surprise your husband. All parties need to be aware and consenting.

Q. How do you avoid timewasters? Also, are you picky with clients?

A. My TW radar is usually pretty spot-on although on the odd occasion I'm sure I've been off the mark.


"U avail?", "Hi", "U workin" type emails do not spark joy, so they're ignored. Also I do tend to tune out pretty quickly if I feel like getting basic information from you (name, location etc) is comparable to drawing blood from a stone; it shouldn't take several back and forth emails to get the information that I need from you and would much rather engage with someone who can communicate effectively from the very start. Don't forget - I have gone to great lengths to provide you with extensive details about myself and the services I offer - yet I know nothing about you - at all. Polite and informative communication goes a long way in creating a fantastic first impression! 

An example:

Hey Gemma, my name is George. I'll be in Wellington at the (insert hotel name here) on the 3rd of December and was wondering if you would be around in the early evening for 90 mins? Cheers.


Hey Gemma, my name is Jim Bob Bobbalina. Are you available for an hour at 3pm on 22nd June? I'm in Tawa. Thanks

Too easy!

Also, if you have any further questions / requests feel free to mention - I know this FAQ is extensive and I'm not going to bite your head off if there's something you've missed! My screening is rigid because 1) I need to feel safe and 2) I need to be sure we are the right match. (Eg - a waste of your time and mine if you contact me thinking I'm size 6 with a penchant for taking it up the ass.) 

Q. Do I need to give you my specific address in my first communication to you?

A. No, but I will need your general location (suburb) in that first email. Then when I get back to you and we're about to confirm, I'll ask for your address. If it's at a hotel/motel I can easily find the address online :)

Q. Do I need to give you my real name?

A. No, but you do need to give me a name.

Q. I know you don't offer anal but would you consider it, just for me?

A. No

Q. Do you genuinely enjoy what you do?

A. I absolutely do - I would never do something I didn't enjoy. 

Q. I'm 23, good looking, clean and slim. How much?

A. Weird flex, but ok. Please see my "Services and Rates" page for more information. Also; please realise that not a single fuck is given as regards your physique / age. You pay me my rate, you have excellent hygiene and you're respectful of my boundaries. 

Q. Can I take photos/videos of you/us in a session?

A. No

Q. I don't require "full service" by way of penetrative sex but keen on oral etc.  How much for an hour?

A. $300 as per my "Services and Rates" page.

Any nudity and/or sexual interaction requires my non-negotiable, advertised fee. No discount will be given on a fee that is already more than fair.

Q. Do you offer toys?

A. No. I offer a Girlfriend Experience with a few listed extras - toys are not included unless you have your own and want me to use them on you / you use them on me (with a condom)

Providers typically offer toys as part of a "GFE Plus" / "Porn Star Experience" booking. These service types command a higher rate and for good reason. I simply offer an intimate GFE and as such requests for toys are rare. However, I'm not against toys by any means, and I look forward to offering them as an extra as soon as possible. 

Q. Is it okay that I consider you a friend?

A: I see no issue with that, as long as already established boundaries remain unbroken.  If I've seen you more than once it means I genuinely like and enjoy you, therefore I consider you a friend also. A secret friend, but a friend nevertheless. 

Q. Which duration do you recommend for first timers?

A. 90 mins - 2 hours

Q. Which durations are the most popular?

A. I find that 90 mins and 2 hours are my most popular durations. 

Q. I can't afford you...what are my options?

A. Wellington is teaming with escorts - you could shop around to find someone at a rate that suits your budget, or perhaps you could put some money aside each payday and save up? 

Q. Do you shave your body hair?

A. Yes

Q. May I offer you a box of chocolates?

A. I appreciate the gesture, but I'd have to politely pass. 

Q. Do you do CBT?

A. No. If I offered that, I would list it. 

Q. I am a man of colour...is this a problem? Yes or no.

A. NO, and would never be. I'm sad that this even needs to be asked

Q. Would you be happy to vouch for me if another escort required it?

A. Yes, I can be a reference for you. Just let me know prior, and give the escort my email address and

have them contact me. 

Q. I wear an ankle bracelet right now...is this a problem

A. No. No judgement, no bullshit as per my "Services and Rates" page

Q. I'd feel more comfortable if I left my t-shirt on during any physical interaction. Is that okay?

A. Yes

Q. Why do you wear a scrunchy on your wrist?

A. I like to have a scrunchy on hand (well, on wrist) to tie up my hair when giving you what will hopefully be a glorious blowjob.

Q. Have you ever had to fire a regular client?

A. Yes, once

Q. If I book you for an international Fly Me To You are you going to insist on flying business class?

A. No! I wouldn't let you. Economy is just fine - and yes, I have travelled long haul several times, all in economy. Birmingham to Dubai sat near the toilet wasn't great, but that's by the by...

Q. Hey, I know you've stated that you don't currently provide toys, but...do you currently provide toys?

A. .......no........

Q. Are you on drugs?

A. No! I'm sure I have already answered this?

I have smoked weed a handful of times, and was a chain tobacco smoker for over a decade (I quit in 2017). Alcohol is okay in moderation, and I don't particularly care for coffee. I have never taken any other drugs, and I am currently not on any medication apart from hayfever meds, sleeping pills and contraceptive pills.

Q. Hi Emma, how do I book?

A. Hiya.  On the front page of my website I have instructions on how to book, in a text box for added visibility. All of my advertisements also state how to book. (Name, booking duration, location). Too easy! Cheers, Gemma

Q. Why don't you reply to my DM's on Twitter?

A. I happily exchange Twitter/Whatsapp DM's on a frequent basis with established clients as well as gentlemen who support me. I am super shit when it comes to social media...if you need to contact me the best way is via text or email. 

Q. Can we hang out for a few hours prior to a booking?

A. Sure! My social rates are $120 for the first hour and $80 per additional hour. As I'm sure you'll understand, as a paid companion I charge for my time :)

Q. I know you prefer some notice but can I see you right now?

A. No

Q. What is your kink?

A. Door knocking for D! Outcalls are prioritised for a reason ;)

Q. Do you sell content (custom clips etc)

A. No. 

I fully appreciate the merits of diversification - the more side hustles the better - but content creation just isn't something I can get excited over - I don't have the talent or the motivation to hustle online, and privacy is a huge concern.  Doorknocking for D is where I'm at :) 

Q. When is your birthday?

A. December 3rd. 

Q. When will you come to (insert town/city here)

A. Whenever you pay to fly me to you.

My biggest market after Wellington is Auckland, and I like to fly up there when I can, but anywhere else needs organising through a fly me to you. Touring is too much of a gamble for me, apart from Auckland.

Q. What can I expect upon meeting you (outcall)

A. You can expect me to arrive at your hotel (or your place) immaculately dressed - after all, discretion is important to us both. If we are meeting at a hotel we'll likely be meeting outside because the lifts are carded. I will greet you like an old friend and we will go up the lifts to the privacy of your room where the good times will certainly roll. Knowing me I'll probably grab your crotch as soon as the door has closed :P

Q. Did you get booking requests during lockdown?

A. I went on hiatus just before the first Level 3 (March), and didn't check my emails until mid May. When I finally logged in, there were 163 booking requests. I clicked "select all" and deleted. Some of the emails were even sent in level 4.........................

Q. Do you have plans to leave Wellington?

A. I have been in Wellington for several years, and although the plan isn't to be here for life - I'm not planning on leaving in the near future.

Q. Your favourite lingerie?

As long as it's clean and not covered in cat hair, I'm not fussed, my good man! OMG did I really type that...let's try again...


 For Gemma Rose I wear Simone Perele bras. Outside of Gemma Rose it's either no bra if I'm at home, or

a sports bra when I'm outside exercising. Not fussed on civvie bra brands, but I love dri-fit / cool dry fabrics.

Q. Did you used to have blonde hair? I'm sure I remember you with blonde hair.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! You lucky dawg...you get "The Hair Story"!!


Although brunette is my natural hair colour, I was blonde for many years, but never hooked as a blonde. Because I was (am) a cheap ass, I dyed my hair myself. (I have not been to a hairdresser since I was a school kid.) I'd bleach it and then go over it with 2x bottles of colour. Obviously I fried my hair, to the point where I had hair loss + uneven bits, two of which stuck out at the back like antennae. It was tragic in more ways than one. Realising this, I painstakingly grew out the antennae before cutting my hair into a bob, with kitchen scissors obviously, and then a while later I dyed it brown again. This all went down in 2013 and after that ordeal I swore to myself that I would never cut my hair (or let anyone else) ever again. I have actually trimmed it a few times, and of course I trim my fringe every few weeks but yeah nah....fuckin' traumatised eh. I've had numerous people even OFFER to PAY for me to get a haircut.  Hint well and truly taken, but nope, I cannae budge on this one. Not yet. And if I do, I'll cut it myself. Just not with kitchen scissors.

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