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The one where I pose with UHT milk

Just a quick check in to advise y'all of an availability change - my mornings are now taken up by another commitment, so I'll now be available daily from 1pm.

Now that that's out of the way, please allow me to offer you a tantalising image of my breasts adorned by a heaven sent elixir (Nippy's Iced Honeycomb). No, I didn't spell Puhoi wrong. My love for Nippy's Iced Honeycomb is such that I was willing to pose seductively with it on a winters morning. Yes, Nippy's Iced Honeycomb is the ultimate S-tier flavoured milk, and I'm willing to fight - I mean, engage in robust debate - over the matter.

Honourable mentions to Oak Vanilla Malt (a staple when I lived in Sydney)

Vanilla Wave - I mourn this DAILY I tell you. I wake up and weep, fullas.

Nippy's Iced Pina Colada - YES I like pina coladas (but I don't like getting caught in the rain)

PS - Nippy's Iced Honeycomb is available from NW Thorndon and NW Chaffers. Just putting it out there, for no reason at reason whatsoever................

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