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Update: March 2024

Firstly thank you so much for a rockin' February. A real variety of bookings made for an interesting month - new clients, returning clients, a few dinner dates, and a couples booking.

I look forward to continuing the sexy shenanigans this month - I'll be here for all of March,

but I won't be working (or responding to texts/emails) on Monday 11th or on Sunday 17th.

I will be away for a few weeks in April, although I'm not sure of the exact dates yet. If you're keen to catch up, March is your best bet.

As always, if you wanna tee something up, get in touch!

Just a few bits and bobs before I sign off: last week alone two separate clients apologised for only giving me 24 hours notice. No apologies needed - 24 hours is fine :) Most people get in touch a week before, or a few days before a booking, but occasionally I get requests for the next day - which is totally fine provided no one else has been booked in. If it works, it works! Same day bookings, however...not so much.

Also just a friendly reminder per my "Bookings" page - your booking will only be considered confirmed once a time, date, and address (or name of hotel) has been provided.

See you soon!

Site updates: Gallery

Pictures: 1. Food + drink from a recent dinner date. I've discovered arancini and I love it! However, at $26 for this entree, I'll continue to leave it up to y'all to cater to this newfound love....jeepers

2. The companion and the cake. Wild, untamed Gemma Rose! Note to self: must tidy my hair before photos! It's so damn long, but to be fair I always wear it in a bun outside of bookings. I barely recognise myself outside of the bun / cap / beanie!

3, 4 Some pictures I took on a recent roadie to Whanganui. I'm rather proud of them!


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